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Mental health is sometimes described as ’emotional health’ or ‘well being’. It is an important part of overall health and can be adversely affected by life events, such as the end of a relationship or a bereavement, as well as by mental health problems, such as anxiety or depression.

Mental wellbeing means different things to different people but is likely to involve feelings of being in control, a degree of satisfaction with life, self esteem, optimism, and a sense of belonging.

Local groups and events

In Birmingham and Solihull there are many different groups, agencies and voluntary organisations that can help people who are experiencing mental health problems.

Some of these are run through our trust, others by local organisations or users and carers themselves. The groups offer people self-help and support through sharing their experiences. They can also provide social and leisure activities.

The Trust’s charity, Caring Minds, also runs events, or you can even help by creating your own events! Click here to find out more.